Upcoming Events


We will be giving demonstrations of the Italian Casting Style at the following events during 2018

  • August 11th & 12th - Lowther Game Show - Lowther Castle Near Penrith
  • September 15th & 16th Midlands Game Fair - Weston Park, Weston - Under - Lizard, Shropshire

In addition to demonstrating at the above events we will also be offering a basic introduction to the Italian Style of Casting on a one to one, one to small group basis.


To give anglers a more in depth introduction to the Italian Style of Casting we will be running a number of workshops during the year. Full details of the venues and dates have yet to be firmed up, the intent however is to run the following workshops.

  • May 26th - Yorkshire - River Aire - Gargrave
  • June 30th - River Dee - North Wales
  • July 28th  - Scotland - Hoddom Castle - River Annan
  • September 22nd - River Tees - North Yorkshire or County Durham
  • October 13th - Cammarch Hotel - Llangammarch  - Powys - River Irthon

The workshops will address the following:

  • The tuning of participants existing tackle for use in the Italian Style of Casting
  • The grip
  • The basic casting stroke including the plane, the axis,and the formation of the loop.
  • The Fly First Cast - designed to land the fly before the fly line to delay the onset of drag
  • The Backhand Fly First Cast - as the above but cast over your non casting hand shoulder, very useful when there trees and other obstructions on your casting hand side.
  • The Under the Bushes Cast - as it says on the tin, developed to get your fly under a bush or overhanging vegetation.
  • We will also demonstrate the following casts:
    • The Between the Trees Cast -  a very accurate cast for landing you fly in small gaps between trees and other snags which is also very useful when trying to cast into a strong head wind.
    • The Dump Cast - used to land your leader with a lot of slack before your fly line, significantly delaying the onset of drag. Particularly useful when you are trying to deliver your fly into slack water when there is a fast current between you and your target.
    • The Cut Cast - used when there is limited space behind you to perform a more conventional back cast.
    • Utility Casts
      • The Wave and Spiral Casts - enable you to pick up your fly from the water with the minimum of disturbance and without drowning your fly.
      • The Snake Cast - used to introduce a wave pattern in your fly line and leader to delay the onset of drag.

If you are interested in attending any of these workshops please email Phil Bastow at phil@bastow.net to be kept up to date as to when and where the workshop will be held.