Upcoming Events


Unfortunately it proved impossible to  re-schedule events during 2020 and what will happen during 2021 is anyones guess at the moment (late January 2021). Currently we have only one workshop planned and that is:

  • Sat 4th / Sun 5th September River Dee Corwen

If the Covid -19 situation improves and sufficeint time is available we will try to organise additional workshops let's all keep our fingers crossed.

For the newcomer to the Italian Style of Casting the workshops will address the following:

  • The tuning of participants existing tackle for use in the Italian Style of Casting (matching rod to flyline)
  • The grip
  • The basic casting stroke including the plane, the axis, the thrust and the formation of the loop.
  • The Fly First Cast or Angular Cast- designed to land the fly before the fly line to delay the onset of drag
  • The Backhand Fly First Cast - as the above but cast over your non casting hand shoulder, very useful when there are trees and other obstructions on your casting hand side.
  • The Under the Bushes Cast - as it says on the tin, developed to get your fly under a bush or overhanging vegetation and delay the onset of drag.
  • We will also demonstrate the following casts:
    • The Between the Trees Cast -  a very accurate cast for landing your fly in small gaps between trees and other snags. This cast is also very useful when trying to cast into a strong head wind.
    • The Dump Cast - used to land your leader with a lot of slack before your fly line, significantly delaying the onset of drag. Particularly useful when you are trying to deliver your fly into slack water when there is a fast current between you and your target.
    • The Cut Cast - used when there is limited space behind you where a more conventional back cast is not practical.
    • Utility Casts
      • The Wave and Spiral Casts - enable you to pick up your fly from the water with the minimum of disturbance and without drowning your fly.
      • The Snake Cast - used to introduce a wave pattern in your fly line and leader to delay the onset of drag.
    • Leader design and construction.

‚ÄčOn the River Dee Workshop we will be holding the first day's tuition at the Carrog Station Campsite followed by a demonstration of the Italian Casts on the River Ceiriog the following day courtesy of Corwen and District Angling Club. 2019's demonstration really showed how effective the Italian Casting Style can be when fishing fast flowing turbulent streams full of pocket water and obstructions such as trees and bushes.

For further details of the workshops please email Phil Bastow at phil@bastow.net