Past Events 2016

21st / 22nd October - River Dee Weekend - Corwen

The FFMUK team enjoyed a great 3 days on the Welsh Dee at Corwen with special guest Steve Parkes of Atom Six Rods.

The event took the form of honing up casting skills in the morning and fishing in the afternoons when we caught a good number of grayling, mainly on dry flies and spiders, and also a number of OOS trout.
Great company and a fabulous river to fish. Our many thanks to Dylan Roberts and CADAC for their help in organising the weekend.

1st / 2nd October - Flyfest - Rheghed Centre - Penrith

A fabulous weekend doing Italian Casting demonstrations to a great crowd. Good to see all our friends visiting the stand.

2018 Events

So far in 2018 we had a stand and provided demonstrations of the Italian Style of Casting at the BFFI  thanks again to Massimo Magliocco for traveling over from Italy to give us support and for doing Saturday's demonstration. As seems to be usual for the BFFI the weather wasn't conducive to encouraging people out of the warmth to watch the demonstrations outside, maybe we will have better weather next year.

It was encouraging to see some of the anglers who had attended our 2017 workshops at the show and we look forward to seeing them again later this year.


2019 Events

During 2019 we attended the BFFI, aweful weather yet again, and conducted three workshops on the River Annan at Hoddom Castle, the River Tees at Middleton in Teesdale and the River Dee / Ceiriog at Carrog (Corwen).

We tried a new format for the workshop on the Dee where for the newcomers we started off on the first day with a classroom type session where we explained the theory of the Italian Style of Casting with an emphasis on the Angular / Fly First Cast. This was followed by individual tuition again concentrating on the Angular / Fly First Cast with an introduction to the Backhand Fly First, Wave and Spiral Casts. The big difference over previous events was that we moved to the River Ceiriog to practically demonstrate what can really be achieved with the Italian Style of Casting when fishing fast, turbulent, overgrown rivers with significant pocket water.  Amongst the casts demonstrated Philip Bailey gave an impressive demonstration of how it was possible to fish almost stationary pocket water, surrounded by fast flowing currents, using the Slowed Down Angular and Totally Overturned Casts holding his fly in the pocket water for signicant periods of time whilst the fly line drifted off downstream progressively straightening out the leader before the fly started to drag. Manu Gonetto gave us a demonstration of how the Totally the Under the Tip Cast can be used to deliver a fly deep under overhanging bushes.

2017 Events

During 2017 the FFMUK  team held four workshops one on the Irfon at Llangammarch Wells courtesy of  the Cammarch Hotel whose grounds we used for the classes and their River Irfon beats were used for fishing and on the water demonstrations. Other workshops were held on the banks of the River Tees immediately below High Force, at Hoddom Castle on the River Annan and at Corwen on the River Dee where Massimo Magliocco  having traveled over from Italy showed us how it should  really be done.

In addition to the workshops we provided demonstrations of the Italian Style of Casting at the BFFI, the Lowther Show and the Scottish Game Fair