The Anti-Drag Casts

The Anti-drag group of casts includes:

  • The Dump or Slowed Down Angular Cast
  • The Overturned Cast

The Dump or Slowed Down Angular Cast

This cast was developed to prolong the period of drag free drift when fishing slow pocket water at the far side of a faster flow.  The cast is very different to a conventional piled up cast in that the fly and leader are piled up on the surface of the slow moving pocket with the majority of the fly line being held off the water.  

The Overturned Cast

​​​This cast is designed to prolong a drag free drift when there is significant difference in current speed between the fly and the angler. The cast is effectively two casts merged into one. Firstly a regular fly first cast is made delivering the fly to its intended target, this is then immediately followed by a release of fly line from the non-casting hand and a roll cast with a line shoot to re-position the fly line to accommodate the differences in current speed. For this cast the use of a long leader (5 metres) is essential if the fly is not to be re-positioned by the roll cast.

The Anti-drag Casts